February 1, 2017

" A Fresh Palette..."

Modern pattern, graphic flowers... A contemporary use of flower, taking the Aquamarine blue to the next level.




For a salon, a place to get reacharged and rejuvenated. Here, we tried creating an enviroment of fresh feel using aqamarine and making it perfect for entertaining, energized with sharp usage of bubble gum pink tone offers a necessary boost of modern design.








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January 18, 2017

"Furnishing based on space..."

Now when it come to furnishing, and you are not sure about the type of furniture layout  "where to place what", depending upon the space, the proportion of the room, i.e, its lenght, width, and height. A room which is long, narrow and tall is much different in character than a room that is square in plan with low height ceiling. 

A square shape room can demand a symmetrical arrangment of furniture, let the focal point of the room be the TV wall or the fire place, placing a rug approximately about 3meters away from the focal point.

Positioning of sofa at the edge of the rug without touching the wall behind.

Ottoman or coffee table in the center of the rug in front of the sofa would complete look, creating the space for conversation.



A rectangular space can be broken up into different zone to accomodate distinct sitting area, they can accomodate a vriety of furniture arrangment. 



The tall and long room is ideal for both work purpose and entertaining.



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January 16, 2017

"Dark palette Interior...."

Designing an interior with dark palette, requires more textural contrast, because the shadows are not clear enough. Therefore dark palette reply more on reflection than material relief for textural contrast.

In this commercial jewellary store design we have choosed lighter shade for the walls so for the showroom not to become too opressive or gloomy.





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January 12, 2017

" Find Your Inspiration "

Where ever you staying either city or country, there are always plenty of thing around to inspire. you simply have to stop and take a time to look around. Consider the color combination used by the graphic designers for posteres, billboards, advertisers, food packing so on. when you have a visit to an art gallery note the tones of shades used by the classical and contemporary artist. You can find inspiration from anywhere if you take a moment and see through it.





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January 11, 2017

"Guide to your pattern..."

umm..isnt it little complicated now when you have to select on to a type of a pattern, some floral or some straight/drop matched pattern, which ?Undecided

okay! a little knowledge can go a long way, here to let you help and know how different patterns can give different visual affect to your room. When the right pattern for your wallpaper or vinly is selected it will help in lifting up the scheme from ordinary to a spectacular and giving a desire look for your space. 

Using pattern texture to enhance your interior space, the techniques and ideas to be taken into account will help you to select your pattern.

Random Match;

Random match are more efficent of wallpaper or vinly. There is no pattern match horizontally, therefore the covering can be cut wherever necessary. If your room is of low- height and need to add some height then vertical lined random macthed pattern will help in adding height to your room.




Horizontal line of random match will add some space width to your space, they are also good if you need to lower the visual height of a room.


Flocked/Motif Pattern;

Flocked patterns are typically very ornate and their soft textural qualities can enhance the inamacy of the materials. They appeared to be very outlook when applied in a large spaced area. Flocked wallpaper are super-sound-absorbing function, the noise is reduced to 3-4times of the ordinary wall material.





Drop Match;

Drop match have the most potential for waste, as the pattern doesn't match at the same distance fromt the ceiling, but rather at regular diagonal interval.






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January 10, 2017

      "Your right paint with right sheen"

Its not only the color you choose for your room, but the sheen type also i.e, the finish surface of the paint, level of the gloss when the pain dries. 

so before we decide on paint into there are some factors to be taken into consideration, how that particular paint will affect, how it performs, its durability and up to what extend it can be cleaned and maintained.

Sheen also affect the way light and color are reflected from a painted surface.

                  Paint are distributed on basis of there sheen type.






not releftive,

hide imperfection,

difficult to remove stain,

good for low-traffic area.

 Egg shell

more reflective than a flat paint,

hides surface imperfection,

stains can be scrubbed out,

ideal for medium traffic areas.


minimul gloss,

more relective than flat or eggshell,

provides durable finish that it is easier to clean than flat or eggshell.

    good for most of spaces, Kitchen, bathroom, kids room, mud room, laundry room.


Slightly glossy appearance, 

highly durable and easily cleaned, 

good for wet areas being moisture resistance.


Very reflective, 

Good for hightlighting detail such as moulding, 

Ideal for doors and cabinets.





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January 9, 2017

                                  "COLOR & MOOD"

Every room in the house evoke a mood and an atmosphere, a room designed with soft green color scheme can be relaxing, calming enviroment. Color, lights and texture can stimulate the sence and awaken our emotions. with the right color scheme and right amount of color intensity our home can feel heaven of mood - enhancing space to calm and refresh the mind.







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January 8, 2017

"White Palette Interior"

White palette interior is refreshing and bold, such type of interior is sucessful where there is maximum amount of natural light as to pronounce the difference in the materials, highlithing the contrast in the surface of the texture at the same time white palette demands extreme maintenance.


White palette - Residence Interior.






White palette - Commercial interior.






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January 7, 2017

"Neutral Palette Interior"


Neutral shade used in interior often evoke an uncomplicated atmosphere. Neutral palettes cover a large spectrum of colors from creamy cool to gray tone, such kind of palettes needs to be matched carefully with appropriate materials, such as wood, stone, metal, fabrics.







1. Gray is cool neutral and balanced color being emotionless, colors used in this interior apeals simplest way of life, even in the apartment, for this apartment we used the mineral gray shade, using an equal amount of power to all of the lights, creating enviroment typically associated with formal conversations and sophasticated.

2. Choosed natural white state for floor, with gray patterns.

3. The use of black color for the wood work (center table) as black is in the trend for modern type interior, enhancing the over all space.

4. Textile we have used for seating are wooven cotton fabrics with classy finish, coushins placed alternatively with gray and black, giving a balanced appearance.

Accessorizing with the composition of art work, providing visual interest of wall.

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January 4, 2017

Hello homies/home lover's.

Amazing design gets in touch with you some amazing color tone for 2017.

Lets get in confident this year with some hues of dusky blues, lime green. As they capture attention. Now again there is a doubt in choosing the shade type Undecided. Derive your shade type from the inner you. 



The Deep Blues, 

As blue is color of sky and sea with depth and stability, most deep blue convey sence of trust, loyality, cleanliness and understanding, the deep dark blues are associated with knowledge, power, integrity and professionalism, considered beneficial to the mind and soul.


The Tinted Blues,

Tinted blues creats a peaceful and calm enviroment.



The Green Hues,

Green being the nature's color of balance and growth, staturated color bringing space to life, and illuminate your world, it excites and inspire with pure, deep, clear, color creating a striking combination.



Get in confident, create your own enviroment, choose your shade in your style. Smile

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