January 18, 2017


"Furnishing based on space..."

Now when it come to furnishing, and you are not sure about the type of furniture layout  "where to place what", depending upon the space, the proportion of the room, i.e, its lenght, width, and height. A room which is long, narrow and tall is much different in character than a room that is square in plan with low height ceiling. 

A square shape room can demand a symmetrical arrangment of furniture, let the focal point of the room be the TV wall or the fire place, placing a rug approximately about 3meters away from the focal point.

Positioning of sofa at the edge of the rug without touching the wall behind.

Ottoman or coffee table in the center of the rug in front of the sofa would complete look, creating the space for conversation.



A rectangular space can be broken up into different zone to accomodate distinct sitting area, they can accomodate a vriety of furniture arrangment. 



The tall and long room is ideal for both work purpose and entertaining.



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