January 11, 2017


"Guide to your pattern..."

umm..isnt it little complicated now when you have to select on to a type of a pattern, some floral or some straight/drop matched pattern, which ?Undecided

okay! a little knowledge can go a long way, here to let you help and know how different patterns can give different visual affect to your room. When the right pattern for your wallpaper or vinly is selected it will help in lifting up the scheme from ordinary to a spectacular and giving a desire look for your space. 

Using pattern texture to enhance your interior space, the techniques and ideas to be taken into account will help you to select your pattern.

Random Match;

Random match are more efficent of wallpaper or vinly. There is no pattern match horizontally, therefore the covering can be cut wherever necessary. If your room is of low- height and need to add some height then vertical lined random macthed pattern will help in adding height to your room.




Horizontal line of random match will add some space width to your space, they are also good if you need to lower the visual height of a room.


Flocked/Motif Pattern;

Flocked patterns are typically very ornate and their soft textural qualities can enhance the inamacy of the materials. They appeared to be very outlook when applied in a large spaced area. Flocked wallpaper are super-sound-absorbing function, the noise is reduced to 3-4times of the ordinary wall material.





Drop Match;

Drop match have the most potential for waste, as the pattern doesn't match at the same distance fromt the ceiling, but rather at regular diagonal interval.






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