January 10, 2017

How to select the right paint.

      "Your right paint with right sheen"

Its not only the color you choose for your room, but the sheen type also i.e, the finish surface of the paint, level of the gloss when the pain dries. 

so before we decide on paint into there are some factors to be taken into consideration, how that particular paint will affect, how it performs, its durability and up to what extend it can be cleaned and maintained.

Sheen also affect the way light and color are reflected from a painted surface.

                  Paint are distributed on basis of there sheen type.






not releftive,

hide imperfection,

difficult to remove stain,

good for low-traffic area.

 Egg shell

more reflective than a flat paint,

hides surface imperfection,

stains can be scrubbed out,

ideal for medium traffic areas.


minimul gloss,

more relective than flat or eggshell,

provides durable finish that it is easier to clean than flat or eggshell.

    good for most of spaces, Kitchen, bathroom, kids room, mud room, laundry room.


Slightly glossy appearance, 

highly durable and easily cleaned, 

good for wet areas being moisture resistance.


Very reflective, 

Good for hightlighting detail such as moulding, 

Ideal for doors and cabinets.





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