January 4, 2017

Choosing your shade for 2017.

Hello homies/home lover's.

Amazing design gets in touch with you some amazing color tone for 2017.

Lets get in confident this year with some hues of dusky blues, lime green. As they capture attention. Now again there is a doubt in choosing the shade type Undecided. Derive your shade type from the inner you. 



The Deep Blues, 

As blue is color of sky and sea with depth and stability, most deep blue convey sence of trust, loyality, cleanliness and understanding, the deep dark blues are associated with knowledge, power, integrity and professionalism, considered beneficial to the mind and soul.


The Tinted Blues,

Tinted blues creats a peaceful and calm enviroment.



The Green Hues,

Green being the nature's color of balance and growth, staturated color bringing space to life, and illuminate your world, it excites and inspire with pure, deep, clear, color creating a striking combination.



Get in confident, create your own enviroment, choose your shade in your style. Smile

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